Say hello to your donors

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How did we get to the point where we don’t say hello to one another? I was out for a walk in our neighborhood when someone was walking towards me. We were on the same sidewalk and no one else was around. It was just the two of us. As we approached one another, I put a smile on my face and was getting ready to say “Hello”.

But this person – my neighbor (even though we didn’t know each other, we obviously live in the same neighborhood) – kept her head down and didn’t acknowledge me.  It made me very sad. We’ve become disconnected.

We are all one human race. We are one. We should acknowledge that we are on this earth together. Smile. Say hello.

It seems so simple but our world has forced us to walk with our heads down or looking at some type of electronic device. We aren’t acknowledging our connection as human beings.

Our donors want the same thing – to be acknowledged. We are definitely connected with our donors. We need to take the time to smile and say hello. Then you can have a meaningful conversation.

As for the stranger on the street, let the change begin with us. Go outside for a walk. Smile and say hello to each person you pass. They might just lift their head up and smile back. If so, you just became a change agent!

2 thoughts on “Say hello to your donors

  1. I am so with you on this! I walk the beach in the mornings and flashing someone a smile (if they are willing to give me eye contact) is such a winning way to meet my neighbors. We, the regular walkers, all know each other’s names and keep current with each other. It’s amazing how a “hello” can start building a community!


    1. Kudos to you Jen for being conscious about acknowledging your neighbors. I agree that a smile is powerful and I know that whoever you smiled at had a better day because of you. We feel a warm glow inside when we smile and when we are smiled at. Thanks for the comment!


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